From the beggining to the end. Build your timeline or map...

This is an awesome tool, you can build timelines, embeding images, videos, links, a description, etc, and then show it up as a timeline, a list, a flipbook, or even a map, if you provide locations within the events. I can see a huge list of probable uses for this tool, including to use as a navigation aid in websites. Check my exemple bellow, I created a funtastic timeline, and I'm presenting it as a flipbook, then you can navigate by all the posts, and click on a link to go directly to the post. You can create a private timeline with the growth of your son, with fotos and videos, and show it to your family, or your wedding, or your career in some sport... Imagination is the limit. Enjoy.

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  • Aditional features available uppon a subscription

[build up your timelines]

Here's the funtastic timeline


  1. Its a nice and fantastic tool. Thanks for sharing......

  2. seem a nice tool. i should try it. nice share..

  3. great tool..i will try to make my work easier with it

  4. I will definitely try this tool. It seems interesting.


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