Do you know your meme?

First of all, if you don't know what an internet meme is, check out this article about internet memes. Now the question, have you ever wondered where that video or picture that is always popping on your mail box, or that everyone seems to know and wants to show you come from? is here to answer you that. Remember the Numa Numa guy or the dancing baby, or the more recent 2nd runner on 2009 edition of America's Next Top Model, Allison Harvard, more known as Creepy Chan, they are all famous internet memes. This website reveals everything about the origin of such memes and uncover the hoaxes, like the cellphone popcorns, and the best of all is that is not just plain text and pictures, they produce really elaborated and funny episodes, some with interviews with the the sudden internet celebrities explaining the all deal. A must see...

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[Know your memes?]

Or check my favorite

[Numa Numa guy]


  1. Even till Today I was not aware about meme,Even don't know expected the thing like meme. Very good Detail

  2. The internet is pron with this kind of stuff... Crazy uh?


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