Be generous and make part of the generosity game -

The generosity game is an idea of a solo individual (Jhon Stoner) who've founded a small non profit organization to run what he calls the generosity game. I'll wont enter in to many details, since all is explained in the website. I loved the idea, and even contributed with a translation of the cards, go check the website and you'll know what I'm talking about.
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A search engine or a Geek portal? Wolfram Alpha

Have you ever wished your favorite search engine would directly answer your question? This appears to be the idea of WolfRam. You make a question in plain English, just don't use slang, and possibilities are that you get an answer. As an example, I tried asking What was the weather in New York when Michael Jackson born?, and true is that I didn't got what I was looking for, but just because there is no weather records for that particular date, August 29 of 1958... But the question was clearly understood by Wolfram, and it provided me with some related information, like the birth date of MJ and a graphic with historical temperatures for August 29. Cool uh?
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A new desktop to go. Take a look at

This one is for everyone that occasionally, or even on a daily basis, use public computers. Have you ever dreamed on having the same environment, the same files, the same bookmarks or even the same software everywhere you go? You could do that with a pen drive and portable software, but you become dependant on the pen and on the security policies of the cybercafe or school or wherever the computer is. I present you, total freedom for the public computer surfer. is a web based desktop, with free file storage, free email (, lots of software like a browser, an email client, a productivity suite or even games, all of this accessible from any flash enabled browser, which is almost 100% of browsers. Use it on firefox and press F11 to go full screen, and you wont even notice that you're running flash application inside a browser. It also offers a lite version for quick access, such as if you are only looking for some bookmark to show to some friend. As a final note, I must say that it looks like that developers are very active and adding new functionalities almost daily, and they also did a very good job on integreting third party web applications, like facebook or myspace, or even googledocs and many others.
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