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Besides the usual post by post navigation I want to provide other ways to navigate this blog.

Tag Cloud

On the right sidebar you’ll find the tag cloud, where you can see the most used tags on my posts. I try to tag my posts in a way related to the subject but also in a way that can relate the links with common features. Most common tags are:
  • Link: don’t know why I did it like this, but is a common tag for all the posts
  • Cool: I just love the word, and that’s the word I use to classify the links where you can become addicted. Maybe addictive was the right word, and in fact, I also use it, but I prefer “cool”
  • Fun and Useful: self explanatory
  • No registration: You don’t need to register
  • Registration required: The opposite
  • Application: Usually flash based websites that work as desktop based software and where you can have some sort of productivity
  • Collaborative: Community based websites, or just websites where users collaborate with the content
Search Bar

Right bellow the tag cloud there’s a search text box, to search for specific content on this blog. It’s Google powered, but you don’t have to leave the blog, the results appear right way in the content area. You can also search the web from there.

Feeling Lucky

Click the feeling lucky link and get a random post with a random website.

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