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First of all a confession. When I started this blog, I wasn't expecting to find some many cool and useful websites. I already have a very long website list to review and post about. This one is other of the awesome pearls I've found. In ReviewBasics, you can post your latest project whether is a website, a powerpoint presentation or a new banner ad, anything that could go digital. Then you simply invite people to review your material, and they can post comments, draw small signs with comments on your website screenshot for example, and many other things. As an example, suppose you were reviewing this blog and you don't like the scrat toon, you can make an arrow pointing to it, saying something like "I don't like the creepy look in his face". You can also use it as a project management tool, where two or more persons will work on the same project simultaneously. Really really nice...

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If you would like to review this blog, as an experiment, just post your email in a comment and I'll be glad to invite you to review it.


  1. Creating blog is very easy but getting traffic is difficult. I feel have have the right blend in your site to get traffic. i have a blog but i use it for generating revenue only. but you use it for fun and informative

  2. Hey :). First of all, nice blog and thanks for the useful article - I signed up for reviewbasics. It certainly is a great website. I subscribed to your blog, looking forward to seeing some more interesting posts.

  3. nice blog.I like this review basic- I will definitely join especially now is free but it will be paid membership

  4. Thanks for the cherish comments.

    Cris, so it looks like, but it will be something like "additional paid features", but the basic will continue free.

  5. Whoa that sounds cool.. And it's free now, so I'm off to register my blog now :D

    Nice blog mate, keep us updated on cool n useful sites like this. Bookmarked your blog :D


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