Become the handy man (or woman) you always dreamed, FixIt Club

This website deserves a review, and a very positive one. Basically, there you can find info on how to fix just about anything we have at home. Most of the problems we have in our house appliances and furniture are always the same and can be easily repaired, without spending a buck on tools or professional technicians, sometimes we just don't know how. The guides are very practical and accompanied by some useful pictures, and range from a television repair to a garage door reapir, a faucet repair, or even a small engine repair... Pretty much everything.

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Quick free and fancy flash charts - Rich Chart Live

This tool is probably not something you will use often, but is always a good idea to keep it under your tool belt. The idea of creating fancy flash charts with astonishing effects is to have them embedded somewhere like on a website, a multimedia presentation or work report among others. The charts are created in just a couple of steps, and the data is inserted directly on the generator app, after that, you have the option to download the chart as a offline flash application, publish it to powerpoint or embed it in a blog or website using the html code provided. You can even save it in their servers for later reuse or rework. Another great example of the web 2.0 power...

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And since I had no better ideas for an example, here's a chart showing the number of comments and ratings of the latest ten posts in this blog at the time of this writing, being number one the last one. Roll your mouse over the chart to view the post title or click the bars to go directly to the post.

What about an online library? I mean, a real library with virtual books... Scribd

Imagine youtube, but for books... Scribd works just like that, users upload books, which stay available for other users to read. Just like that. Thing is, only original writings should be submited, truth is (and this is a small secret) pretty much everything is available for online reading there, from a recipe book to the latest "something for dummies", or the hottest novel of the moment. Registered users can download the books in pdf or plain text, and documents can be uploaded using almost any printable format like Word docs, PDF files or powerpoints. My guess is that if and when this website becomes publicly noticed, there will be some kind of censorship, like it happened with youtube, but for now is free and up for everyone. Have fun putting your readings up to date...

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The worst website ever...

Although it was considered the second most useless website in the world by PCWorld, i think we can consider it useful, since it's a news and opinion website, we can even consider it cool or fun because all those flashing graphics, but i like to consider it... crazy, completely crazy. I think it deserves a reference here because of the effort the authors have puted in making the website so awful and difficult to read, and that they look so proud to state at the bottom of the endless index page... But either way, i sticked there for more than half an hour, looks like it has hypnotic capabilities...

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Here's an excerpt from the disclaimer: has been an Aesthetically Challenged News Website Since 199
[ is not responsible for loss of vision, disorientation, or headaches from visual overload :-|
[[ Aesthetically HavenWorks was meant more as a Mondrian, we apologize that it comes off more like a Jackson Pollock ]]

The guys from PCWorld said:

If a Web-design program got sick and threw up, it might look something like this site. My uncle from Santa Cruz says the first time he saw it he had an acid flashback.

Review your projects, work in a collaborative environment

First of all a confession. When I started this blog, I wasn't expecting to find some many cool and useful websites. I already have a very long website list to review and post about. This one is other of the awesome pearls I've found. In ReviewBasics, you can post your latest project whether is a website, a powerpoint presentation or a new banner ad, anything that could go digital. Then you simply invite people to review your material, and they can post comments, draw small signs with comments on your website screenshot for example, and many other things. As an example, suppose you were reviewing this blog and you don't like the scrat toon, you can make an arrow pointing to it, saying something like "I don't like the creepy look in his face". You can also use it as a project management tool, where two or more persons will work on the same project simultaneously. Really really nice...

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If you would like to review this blog, as an experiment, just post your email in a comment and I'll be glad to invite you to review it.

From the beggining to the end. Build your timeline or map...

This is an awesome tool, you can build timelines, embeding images, videos, links, a description, etc, and then show it up as a timeline, a list, a flipbook, or even a map, if you provide locations within the events. I can see a huge list of probable uses for this tool, including to use as a navigation aid in websites. Check my exemple bellow, I created a funtastic timeline, and I'm presenting it as a flipbook, then you can navigate by all the posts, and click on a link to go directly to the post. You can create a private timeline with the growth of your son, with fotos and videos, and show it to your family, or your wedding, or your career in some sport... Imagination is the limit. Enjoy.

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Here's the funtastic timeline