Become the handy man (or woman) you always dreamed, FixIt Club

This website deserves a review, and a very positive one. Basically, there you can find info on how to fix just about anything we have at home. Most of the problems we have in our house appliances and furniture are always the same and can be easily repaired, without spending a buck on tools or professional technicians, sometimes we just don't know how. The guides are very practical and accompanied by some useful pictures, and range from a television repair to a garage door reapir, a faucet repair, or even a small engine repair... Pretty much everything.

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Quick free and fancy flash charts - Rich Chart Live

This tool is probably not something you will use often, but is always a good idea to keep it under your tool belt. The idea of creating fancy flash charts with astonishing effects is to have them embedded somewhere like on a website, a multimedia presentation or work report among others. The charts are created in just a couple of steps, and the data is inserted directly on the generator app, after that, you have the option to download the chart as a offline flash application, publish it to powerpoint or embed it in a blog or website using the html code provided. You can even save it in their servers for later reuse or rework. Another great example of the web 2.0 power...

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And since I had no better ideas for an example, here's a chart showing the number of comments and ratings of the latest ten posts in this blog at the time of this writing, being number one the last one. Roll your mouse over the chart to view the post title or click the bars to go directly to the post.