Become a skilled computer graphic artist - Splashup, online graphical suite

Photoshop is expensive and not very friendly. The Gimp is free, but it really annoys me with all that floating panes over my desktop. But now you have Splashup. Yes, finally I can finally stop my restless sleeping nights... Or maybe I'm exaggerating. Anyway, splashup is an online flash application with advanced graphical editing capabilities, ans is also surprisingly very easy to use. Maybe the adobe guys should learn something with splashup fellows...
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I've made my own Andy Warhol type picture using Uncle Bill's photo.

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  1. Hello there. I just saw your post about splashup and I found that very interesting. I was never good in using photoshop and that was a big problem for me. Splashup looks better for me and I will check it better. Thank you for sharing.


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